Amerika vs russland

amerika vs russland

Sept. Während Frankreich und Russland sich inzwischen . Pisa und Livorno befindet, ist das größte Waffenlager der USA außerhalb der Heimat. Der „Global Firepower Index“ gibt an, welche Armeen die meiste Schlagkraft haben. In einer neuen Serie stellt FOCUS Online die Streitkräfte großer Staaten. Mai Das aber könnte Russland auf gar keinen Fall hinnehmen, denn der Ein Krieg gegen den Iran wäre für die USA aber auch ein Spiel mit dem.

This entry gives the required ages for voluntary or conscript military service and the length of sevice obligation. A description of the nation's situation with regards to the possession and manufacture of nuclear weapons War deaths: Number of aircraft carriers.

Compares the world's largest arms exporters, in millions of US Dollars. Data corresponds to the year , and was compiled by SIPRI Stockholm International Peace Research Institute , a think tank dedicated to the research of conflict, armaments, arms control and disarmament in the world, with presence in Stockholm, Beijing and Washington DC.

Total armed forces Military expenditures: This entry gives spending on defense programs for the most recent year available as a percent of gross domestic product GDP ; the GDP is calculated on an exchange rate basis, i.

For countries with no military forces, this figure can include expenditures on public security and police. This entry lists the service branches subordinate to defense ministries or the equivalent typically ground, naval, air, and marine forces.

Current military expenditures as an estimated percent of gross domestic product GDP. Armed forces personnel are active duty military personnel, including paramilitary forces if the training, organisation, equipment, and control suggest they may be used to support or replace regular military forces.

Number of bomber combat aircrafts. Figures expressed per million population for the same year. Number of amphibious warfare ships. Figures expressed per million people for the same year.

Number of fighter combat aircrafts. Military expenditures data from SIPRI are derived from the NATO definition, which includes all current and capital expenditures on the armed forces, including peacekeeping forces; defense ministries and other government agencies engaged in defense projects; paramilitary forces, if these are judged to be trained and equipped for military operations; and military space activities.

Such expenditures include military and civil personnel, including retirement pensions of military personnel and social services for personnel; operation and maintenance; procurement; military research and development; and military aid in the military expenditures of the donor country.

Excluded are civil defense and current expenditures for previous military activities, such as for veterans' benefits, demobilisation, conversion, and destruction of weapons.

This definition cannot be applied for all countries, however, since that would require much more detailed information than is available about what is included in military budgets and off-budget military expenditure items.

For example, military budgets might or might not cover civil defense, reserves and auxiliary forces, police and paramilitary forces, dual-purpose forces such as military and civilian police, military grants in kind, pensions for military personnel, and social security contributions paid by one part of government to another.

Total amount of aircraft carriers possessed by each country. Amount of helicopter carriers currently in service. Armed forces personnel per Total armed forces Figures expressed per thousand population for the same year.

The number of draft-age males and females entering the military manpower pool in any given year and is a measure of the availability of draft-age young adults.

Excluded are civil defense and current expenditures for previous military activities, such as for veterans' benefits, demobilization, conversion, and destruction of weapons.

Date of ratification of the Chemical Weapon Convention CWC of countries who either declared chemical weapon stockpiles, are suspected of secretly stockpiling them, or are running chemical weapons research programs.

A description of the status of conscription in the nation in Arms transfers cover the supply of military weapons through sales, aid, gifts, and those made through manufacturing licenses.

Data cover major conventional weapons such as aircraft, armored vehicles, artillery, radar systems, missiles, and ships designed for military use.

Excluded are transfers of other military equipment such as small arms and light weapons, trucks, small artillery, ammunition, support equipment, technology transfers, and other services.

Defense expenditure as percentage of GDP. Figures are for the year Total amount of reserve aircraft carriers in each country.

Conventional armed forces in Europe. Declared stockpile of chemical weapons. Date by which certain member states of the Chemical Weapon Convention CWC have contractually agreed to destroy their declared stockpile of chemical weapons.

These include major conventional weapons or systems in six categories: Defense expenditure of some countries in the year This entry gives the number of males and females falling in the military age range for the country and who are not otherwise disqualified for health reasons; accounts for the health situation in the country and provides a more realistic estimate of the actual number fit to serve.

Figures expressed per capita for the same year. This entry gives the number of males and females falling in the military age range for the country and assumes that every individual is fit to serve.

Figures expressed per thousand people for the same year. The minimum age at which an individual may volunteer for military service or be subject to conscription.

This entry gives the number of draft-age males and females entering the military manpower pool in any given year and is a measure of the availability of draft-age young adults.

Exports to developing nations: Arms Deliveries to Developing Nations, by supplier, total of years Major suppliers listed only.

The total numbers of males aged This statistic assumes that every individual is fit to serve. Per capita figures expressed per 1 population.

Troops of allied powers wounded in action in World War I. Exports to developing nations per million: Whether countries prescribe mandatory military services as of Labor force comprises all people who meet the International Labour Organization's definition of the economically active population.

Labor force comprises all people who meet the International Labour Organisation's definition of the economically active population.

Select year Paramilitary personnel , Ranked 1st. According to estimates by the Natural Resources Defense Council, by , the Soviet Union had approximately 35, weapons in its stockpile, down from a peak in of approximately 45, Russia is estimated to now have around 20, nuclear weapons, although total stockpile size is uncertain because there is no accurate count of tactical nuclear weapons.

However, in Russia declared it will eliminate its tactical nuclear weapons by the end of The Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty Treaty of Moscow requires Russia to reduce the number of deployed strategic warheads to between 1, and 2, by the end of Russia inherited a massive nuclear weapons production complex and large stocks of weapons grade fissile material.

It is estimated that Russia has between and 1, metric tons t of weapons grade-equivalent highly enriched uranium HEU and between and t of military-use plutonium.

As one of the five recognized nuclear weapons states under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty NPT , the United States maintains a sizeable arsenal of nuclear weapons, including approximately 10, intact warheads, of which are considered active or operational.

Approximately 4, strategic warheads are operational, 1, of which are deployed on land-based missile systems Minuteman and Peacekeeper ICBMs , 1, on bombers B and B-2 , and 2, on submarines Ohio-class subs.

The remaining warheads are stockpiled. The only remaining U. According to the May Treaty of Moscow the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty, or SORT between the United States and the Russian Federation, both countries are required to reduce their strategic nuclear arsenals to 1,, operationally deployed warheads by In June , the US Department of Energy announced that "almost half" of these warheads would be retired for dismantlement by This statement suggests that the total stockpile of 10, warheards would be reduced to about 6, by this date.

Over 5, warheads have been removed from deployment by the United States and placed in a "responsive reserve force" active but not deployed or in overhaul.

These "spares," or warheads on inactive status, have not been dismantled, in keeping with past practice under previous U.

The Bush administration has rejected U. The NPR calls for a reduction in the amount of time needed now 18 months as mandated by Congress, but this could be reduced to as little as 12 months to test a nuclear weapon, suggesting that the United States might decide to resume nuclear testing, although Bush administration officials deny that this is currently planned and explain the shortening of test-site readiness time as a logical extension of the U.

A law barring research and development that could lead to the production by the United States of a new low-yield "bunker buster" nuclear weapon warheads with a yield of 5 kilotons or less was passed by Congress in In its FY budget request, however, the Department of Defense requested a repeal of the law, suggesting that the U.

The repeal was approved by the Senate on 20 May Weapons laboratories under the Department of Energy began research on the RNEP Project in , and the study is expected to be complete in The United States used nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August , making it the only country that has ever used nuclear weapons during a conflict.

It ratified the NPT in March War deaths Ranked 17th. Twice as much as United States Nevertheless, the Soviet Union violated the treaty by secretly operating a massive offensive BW program until it dissolved in The Soviet BW arsenal included the causative agents of anthrax, smallpox, plague, tularemia, glanders, and hemorrhagic fever.

In wartime, formulated agents would have been loaded into a variety of delivery systems, including aerial bombs and ballistic missile warheads.

Soviet BW scientists also researched, developed, and produced anti-crop and anti-livestock agents. The Soviet Union also established a so-called anti-plague system, whose primary objective was to control endemic diseases and prevent the importation of exotic pathogens that could threaten crops, animals, and humans.

In the late s, however, the system also was tasked with defending the USSR against biological attacks. There are reports that some countries, including Iran, have attempted to hire Russian BW specialists to help them acquire biological weapons.

During this period, the U. The anti-human agents it developed for weapons purposes were Bacillus anthracis anthrax , Francisella tularensis tularemia , Coxiella burnetii Q fever , the Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus, and staphylococcal enterotoxin B.

The anti-plant agents were the fungi that cause wheat rust and rice blast. BW stockpile was destroyed in and ; since that time, it has not had an offensive BW program.

However, in , the Bush administration rejected an effort by other signatories to conclude a protocol that would provide verification measures. Since then, the remaining parties to the BWC have conducted semiannual meetings to discuss, among other things, national measures for the implementation of biosecurity regulations and penal legislation, leading up to the Sixth Review Conference in These activities are reported each year to Congress and in an annual information exchange on biodefense activities under the BWC.

The United States denied allegations that this research was anything other than defensive in nature and asserted that it did not violate any BWC provisions or CBMs.

On 28 April , President Bush outlined the administration's perspective on biological weapons by issuing National Security Presidential Directive NSPD called "Biodefense for the 21st Century", an initiative to strengthen the country's biodefense capabilities through programs in threat awareness, prevention and protection, surveillance and detection, and response and recovery.

The Bush administration also faces criticism that financial resources have been redirected from non-biodefense research in order to fund additional biodefense research.

This legacy has allowed Russia to retain its great power status even as its economy has collapsed, but the burden of supporting this oversized complex has strained the Russian political and economic system.

Russia's nuclear and missile capabilities presupposes its crucial role in arms control and nonproliferation, while the remnants of chemical and biological weapons programs pose major environmental and proliferation threats.

The United States possesses a substantial nuclear weapons arsenal and associated delivery systems. The Nuclear Posture Review suggests that the United States may seek to develop, and possibly test, new types of nuclear weapons in the future.

The United States destroyed its biological weapons by and is in the process of destroying its stockpile of chemical weapons.

Some critics allege that elements of U. Now comes the navy. In terms of army ,if there would have been a war between these two countries I think Russia woould win easily, even though Americ amay have the worlds 4th largest standing but eventually russia would win since it would the largest reserves as i stated this in the 3 round and also because of better armour , weaponary,tanks.

Thank you it was a good debate and a nice experience for me too. Showing 1 through 10 records. Posted by Awesomeiron12 1 year ago. Posted by Seahawks12Nation 4 years ago.

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Reasons for voting decision: Amey I'm your friend but you clearly have little idea what you're talking about.

Pro was constantly complementing pro on his arguements, but his arguements seemed a bit biased and nationalistic, while con's arguements were backed with facts.

I gave pro the sources because he posted sources throught the debate, while pro only posted them in the last round, and the one was rather biased.

You are not eligible to vote on this debate. This debate has been configured to only allow voters who meet the requirements set by the debaters.

This debate either has an Elo score requirement or is to be voted on by a select panel of judges. Report this Argument Con Thank you for posting such a thought provoking debate topic.

I however must disagree with your earlier statement , despite the deep love and respect for Russia. I believe that if it were to come to war between these two great nations, the United States would emerge bloody and exhausted but victorious.

That is, as long as Putin keeps his shirt on. Pro I would like to thank con for accepting this debate. But first i would like to know thoughts of con on this debate and then i would start my argument.

Retrieved 28 October In order for this debate to go any further we would need to know if the U. Or Russia is the agressor. Report this Argument Con I never said that Russia was an aggressive nation, i only asked which was the aggressor so that we may debate things that would depend on such, such as international response and geography.

The allied air force was the main reason that National Socialist Germany lost the war. Their air force was inferior and crushed.

Once this happened the allies could bomb German industrial centers at will, thus crippling Germany's ability to wage war.

Once the Germans could no longer produce enough tanks, bullets, and guns the allies were victorious. The navy could be used to launch airplanes from aircraft carriers,and blockade Russia.

This means that they have a vastly superior force available to produce wartime supplies. Russia will just defeat USA in a day since the Americans can't bear the Siberian climate whereas the Russians are used to adapt themselves to that type of climate.

This is also where most if not all of the fighting would take place. I highly doubt that the Russians are Cooperating with the North Koreans.

Also i doubt that China would be anxious to start a war with her biggest customer. England is hardly a small nation. They have an extensive network of alliances and a powerful military.

The loss of Napoleon and Hitler was largely due to the fact that the Russians executed a scorched earth Policy, this can also be sen in the Northern war between Peter the Great's Russia and Sweden.

The scorched earth policy however would not be effective in a modern environment as armies no longer scavenge the surrounding area for food, but have it air-lifted in.

Something that the U. Pro I am very impressed with your response,but russia too has many advantages such as size,geography,natural resources,economy,mountains, forests,etc.

Report this Argument Con 1. Pro Since I have described climate, geographical conditions,forests,history,economy. Lets start with the fighters.

F Now, if we ignore the fact that the PAK FA is still not out of the testing phase, and ignore the time and money it would take for Russia to produce PAK FA[that's assuming USAF would decide to stop building them on the onset of war], and focus only on my opponent's arguement that it is superior the Russian Air Force might be competitive.

However, even if I concede all of these points, the matchup is not as one sided as my opponent would have you belive. The Russian Air Force , on the other hand only has Combat fighters.

Now, I would like to re-direct the attention to the defeat of National Socialist Germany in WW2, and how in the final years the Luftwaffe they could not produce enough fighter aircraft to defend Germany.

Total amount of aircraft carriers possessed by each country. Sign In Sign Up. Man kann auch nicht die Wahl auf der Krim als verfassungswidrig bezeichnen und gleichzeitig das Vorgehen im Kosovo rechtfertigen. They would however remain in a world dramatically altered. Retrieved 28 October Dass die NATO transparent, vor allem vorhersehbar und gerne resolut sein möchte, stimmt sogar. And in building "just Russia", the first and most important step casino table games drop boxes to liberate all of Novorossia, from Kharkov to Odessa, and Malorossia too, from the Kiev Nazi junta. Russia being the largest country on earth atp challenger live score the largest forested area on the earth,largest water resources,natural resources and the US just has Army announced that only The outgoing Obama Beste Spielothek in Ginzersdorf finden in expelling 35 Russian diplomats from the USAi indicates the Russophobic regime that would halbfinale em wann been maintained Diese fünf Krankheiten können Sie an Ihren Augen ablesen. Das liegt vornehmlich am russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin, der seit Jahren eine imperialistische Politik betreibt mit dem Ziel, Russland wieder eine Position kostenlos casino online spielen verschaffen wie in Zeiten der Blockkonfrontation. Blockierte Kontakte können Ihnen schreiben und Ihr Profil sehen. Es droht eine weitere Spaltung der nach Wirtschaftskrisen und Job im casino erregten Gesellschaft. Online casino beste gewinnchancen Schwachsinn dies zu publizieren. Dies gelte ganz unabhängig von der Frage, casino lichtspiele eckental öffnungszeiten in beiden Ländern die Regierungsgeschäfte führe. Bericht schreiben Im Interesse unserer User behalten wir uns vor, jeden Beitrag vor der Veröffentlichung zu prüfen. Wir werden nicht von Putin destabilisiert, sondern von unserer eigenen Herrscherkaste. Im Interesse unserer User behalten wir uns vor, jeden Beitrag vor der Veröffentlichung zu prüfen. Defcon 2 blieb noch bis zum Die Modernität der Waffen ist ebenso von Bedeutung, wie die Mobilisierbarkeit. Die Angst vor der eigenen Schwäche ist jetzt jedoch spürbar geworden, nicht nur in den russophoben Ausbrüchen der westlichen Medien. Ich habe noch keinen Account bei de. Im Gegensatz zu Bilder Infografiken Videos Karikatur. Die drei Schiffe werden dann nacheinander am Die Briten beschuldigen Russland auch die "Bad-Rabbit"-Attacke im Jahr durchgeführt zu haben, die Störungen bei der U-Bahn und einem Flughafen in der Ukraine sowie bei russischen Medienunternehmen und der russischen Zentralbank verursachte. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. Es droht eine weitere Spaltung der nach Wirtschaftskrisen und Korruptionsskandalen erregten Gesellschaft. Auch eine Seeblockade wird in Erwägung gezogen. Mit der damals gerade im Sterben liegenden Sowjetunion hatte diese Alarmierung nichts zu tun. Drucken Seite drucken Permalink https: In der E-Mail sollten angegeben werden: Das ist aus meiner Sicht natürlich inakzeptabel", so Jakowenko. Klicken Sie hier , um mehr zu erfahren. Ihre Truppen sind relativ konzentreirt, währen die amerikanischen weit gestreut sind. Ob man tatsächlich sagen kann, dass die "Leistung" des US-Militärs so herausragend ist, erscheint angesichts der vielen militärischen Pleiten aber zumindest voreilig. Ihnen würde gesagt, dass ein verirrter Verstand dieses ganze Leid in der Welt verursacht. Wie teilnehmen beim Voltaire Netzwerk? Beste Spielothek in Bergelieth finden Kommentar eines Users wird gelöscht, wenn: Es geht um Religion und Casino 1 Da Sie uns bereits Ihre persönlichen Daten mitgeteilt haben, als Sie Ihren persönlichen Account erstellt haben, bitte prüfen Sie das Feld jackpot in casino, um diesen weiter zu nutzen:. Aus dem Pentagon kommt Widerspruch, die Personalkosten seien nur viel höher, nicht die Ausgaben für die Entwicklung und Beschaffung von Waffen. Er sollte sich gegen einen Angriff mit allen verfügbaren Waffen verteidigen. Ein beliebiger Krieg zwischen Russland und den USA wird schnell in einen unkontrollierbaren nuklearen Konflikt abgleiten.

Amerika Vs Russland Video

ALL OUT TANK WARFARE - AMERICANS & BRITISH vs SOVIETS Number of amphibious warfare ships. About us Topics Civilizations Analytics Blogs. Posted on 30 Mar Cost of living stats. There have been allegations that free slots games reel king Soviet Union developed a new class of nerve agent Novichokestimated to be times more toxic than VX. Now it is obvious that the United States can produce far more food than Russia, and for further proof I would point out that the U. Arms Deliveries to Developing Nations, by supplier, total of years Dabei ist es aber wenig hilfreich, wenn sich einige Regierungen in Wortakrobatik casino online real money und so tun, als ob es nun gar keine Stationierung von NATO-Truppen gibt. Russia and Deutschland vs dänemark States compared, NationMaster," http: The navy could be used to launch airplanes from aircraft carriers,and blockade Russia. Excluded are civil defense and current expenditures for previous military activities, such as for veterans' benefits, demobilization, conversion, and destruction of weapons. Es mag sein, dass die von der Beste Spielothek in Stadels finden und vom Westen getätigte Behauptung, die Abstimmung von wäre "illegal" gewesen, rein vom technischen Gesichtspunkt zutreffend ist. During this period, ksc trainerwechsel U.

Amerika vs russland -

Sind Sie sicher, dass Sie ihren Account bei de. So entlüften Sie Ihre Heizung richtig. Er monierte die Tatsache, dass Flugzeugträger für viel Geld neu ausgestattet werden mussten, um eine FStaffel beherbergen zu können beziehungsweise sie überhaupt starten zu lassen, obwohl das Kampfflugzeug noch gar nicht wirklich kampftauglich ist. November in Kraft. Schicken Sie uns Ihr Feedback! Der Angriff blieb aus, B tauchte auf, Chruschtschow gab nach.


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